A delight to see yet another comprehensive textbook, dealing exclusively with multiple aspects of parathyroid disease and its current management. David Terris, William Duke and Janice Pasieka have co-edited this 248 page textbook divided into 22 well thought out chapters along with generous illustrations.

The authors, who are mostly American, have presented in detail a range of topics from the physiology and laboratory evaluation of hyperparathyroidism to various state-of-the-art surgical techniques currently practiced around the world. Evaluation and current diagnostic techniques in primary and revision surgery for refractory disease have been comprehensively covered. This book is a resource for every parathyroid surgeon’s bookshelf and perhaps a good reference book for all otolaryngologists and parathyroid physicians. A well-written book, fully justifying its price.

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M Shahed Quraishi (Prof) OBE

FRCS(ORL, H&N) Doncaster Royal Infirmary, UK; Director ENT Masterclass®.

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