This book has been painstakingly compiled to produce a detailed atlas of high resolution CT images of the paediatric temporal bone. The five chapters over 160 pages and 242 high quality figures are very well structured and thoughtfully laid out.

Each chapter goes through the relevant anatomy with an overview of the subsection of the temporal bone. This is followed by appropriate case studies. The abnormal scans are displayed alongside normal ones for comparison. This approach will be an excellent opportunity for otologists to develop a systematic approach to looking at and mapping pathology especially for surgical planning.

The initial chapter on CT images of the normal temporal bone is very well handled with exhaustive images labelled in minute detail. The chapter on other ear disorders also has excellent examples of conditions which many radiologists struggle to handle. Overall the book is useful to otologists and radiologists alike. There are occasional 3D CT reconstructions and a few MR images including MRV (magnetic resonance venography) to illustrate some structural, infective and traumatic abnormalities.

The book is slightly restricted in its potential by focusing solely on CT imaging. Including equivalent MR imaging would have complemented this very well and made this one of the most comprehensive atlases available.

In summary, however, this book will be an excellent addition to any otologist’s individual and institutional library.

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Jaydip Ray (Prof)

PhD, MS, FRCS, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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