The introduction describes this text as being useful for a wide readership including the medical student, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and physical therapist dealing with dizziness. I would be of the opinion as indicated in the preface that this is best suited for ENT, and neurosurgical trainees and practising neurotologists.

This is essentially an operative textbook which includes descriptions of the common pathologies encountered with chapters on vestibular schwannoma, NF2 and auditory brainstem implants, lesions of the petrous apex, petroclival tumours, temporal bone malignancy, osseous lesions and finishes with a chapters on stereotactic radiotherapy and cranial nerve monitoring,

There are eleven chapters in total with the first three describing skull base approaches from a neurosurgical and neurologist perspective and minimally invasive \ endoscopic approaches. Further chapters deal with specific pathologies and appropriate surgical procedures. Each approach is clearly dealt with in concise and unambiguous text and where imaging or intra-operative pictures are shown these are beautifully reproduced.

Overall the textbook is highly comprehensive in describing the possible approaches in detail along with helpful insights. However, it is likely that if the reader is unfamiliar with the approach, he/she will need to refer to other texts in conjunction with reading this, as the relative scarcity of illustrations or operative pictures depicting stages of the operation can make the text somewhat difficult to access despite the clear descriptions.

For a textbook of this type it is also surprising to note that there is little discussion on management of potential complications of the surgical techniques outlined. Further description of postoperative management may have also proven useful especially in considering the value of the text to a wider readership.

Overall I found the textbook well written, comprehensive and a valuable addition although as a standalone text feel that is may fall short particularly for a number of the potential groups that it was aimed at in the introduction. At $175 it represents reasonable value for money.

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Neil Fergie

King’s Mill Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

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