The foreword to this textbook clearly describes the intentions of the authors to provide a guide to young otologists whilst performing temporal bone dissection and to familiarise them with the temporal bone. To this aim the book wholeheartedly delivers.

It serves the target readership and ‘viewership’ very well indeed. The included DVDs are essential viewing (after negotiating the usual software difficulties- flash player required) and not simply an accompaniment to the text itself. In fact rather the text serves more as a summary of the key points of the DVD dissections with illustrated frames from this.

The DVDs show skilful temporal bone dissection highlighting the key steps and the philosophy of the authors. Mention is made of when certain approaches may be used although discussion of this is kept to a minimum with the focus being on the dissection itself. Neither is this a detailed description of the anatomy of the temporal bone and its variations.

The book and DVD are divided into twelve chapters covering all standard dissection material from cortical mastoidectomy to translabyrinthine exposure of the internal auditory canal. The first two chapters are dedicated to surface anatomy and instruments used.

This is an excellent temporal bone dissection guide for those who do not have in their possession a suitable guide for use and will serve trainee otologists well in mastering this essential skill.

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Neil Fergie

King’s Mill Hospital and Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

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