There have been dramatic advances in laryngology in recent years, reflected in a steady increase in published research and those regarding themselves as laryngologists. Published out of India, this book has brought together experts from the USA, Europe and the ‘subcontinent’, each a premier laryngologist. The majority of the contributors are from India as the book is an official publication of the Association of Phonosurgeons of India.

The editors themselves are well regarded experts within their own country and beyond. This is an A4 size, hardback, single volume, textbook of nearly 400 pages with high quality colour diagrams and clinical pictures. Most chapters utilise large numbers of illustrations and this is very helpful in explaining the nature of laryngeal pathologies and the surgical techniques. The book has a broad focus within laryngology, covering voice, airway and swallowing problems. It is well written and includes the majority of the ‘expected’ topics. It takes the reader from the art of diagnosis, through standards of care, to innovations in surgery, including narrow band imaging, lasers, robotics, reinnervation, transplantation and tissue engineering.

As a recent publication it provides an update for those already working within the field. Limited by its size, it cannot be the authoritative text. It will, however, prove to be an excellent source of information for trainees and also for those developing an interest in laryngology. Given the quality and price of this book it is very good value for money.

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Guri Sandhu

MBBS, MD(res), FRCS(ORL HNS), Airway Service, ENT Department, Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial NHS Trust, London, UK.

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