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This is a softcover volume, broken down into six sections over 406 pages printed in greyscale. The book is edited by AK Deshpande and JW Hall III, written by a large number of international experts in the field, and reviewed by an excellent panel of specialists. The book approaches tinnitus from different perspectives, covering topics related to the prevention of tinnitus and its assessment and management.

A section about hyperacusis addresses the basic concepts about this condition and misophonia. Towards the end of the book, the most recent developments are presented, including the role of social media and the impact of the pandemic. Finally, illustrative clinical cases are presented, which I thought was a great addition to a text clearly aimed at having an impact on clinical practice.

Summarising the literature about tinnitus is quite challenging, as there is generally a need for high-quality design studies. Thus, it is crucial to critically assess the evidence encountered. Many of the authors tried to emphasise this, and this was a positive point. Occasionally I would have liked having more details about certain studies cited, especially when the conclusion was stated but no detail was given about the research design.

Another positive point for this book was the inclusion of practical tips and advice, including how to ask questions to obtain higher-quality information from the patient, which would improve care. This can prove very valuable for students and junior professionals.

I found this book easy to read and to navigate. The writing style is generally clear and concise, which makes the text suitable not only for practising professionals, but also for audiology students. The book includes access to a companion site, where colour figures and audio samples are available.

In future editions, I would like to see more content about how to help patients with severe and profound hearing loss who have tinnitus, including those who wear cochlear implants.

I would recommend this text to be in an audiology department library as resource for clinicians.

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Marina Salorio Corbetto

Cambridge University Hospital, UK.

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