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When asked to review the second edition of the popular Tinnitus Treatment: Clinical Protocols, I had high expectations. The first edition, published in 2005, has been a trusted resource for students and clinicians alike, and this second edition does not disappoint.

Richard Tyler and Ann Perreau brilliantly edit together chapters from world-renowned clinicians and researchers in the field of tinnitus management. For anyone new to the field of tinnitus, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the latest tinnitus management strategies. For those already familiar with the first edition or experience working with tinnitus or hyperacusis patients, this book provides an update on the many recent developments such as internet-delivered guided self-help treatments and apps.

The textbook includes 15 chapters covering everything from tinnitus and hyperacusis models, counselling approaches, hearing aids, apps, sleep management, questionnaires and establishing a tinnitus and hyperacusis clinic. Several chapters have appendices which offer resources for clinicians to use with patients such as questionnaires, tinnitus and listening diaries, and strategies for improving hearing and communication, sleep and concentration. These tools and supplementary materials are grounded in years of clinical and research experience. If that wasn’t enough, this book includes complimentary access to a digital copy which has supplemental videos, brochures, handouts and datasheets. These can be used not only to enhance knowledge but also to incorporate into clinical practice.

The authors describe this as a must-have resource for every audiology student, as well as essential reading for all audiologists who feel underprepared in managing tinnitus and/or hyperacusis. I would go one step further and suggest this book firmly deserves a spot on the bookshelf of every audiologist, even the most experienced tinnitus experts.

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Gemma Crundwell

BSc (Hons) MA, Audiology Box 94, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ, UK.

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