'2020 Unmasked'  

Chair of the Judging Panel, Lucy Dalton, says: 
“I’m very excited about the adventure this new essay competition will be taking us on: to hear what 2020 has held for colleagues around the globe, discover stories less often told, and be inspired by voices not regularly heard.” 

The face mask has become an iconic item o
f our age. Initially masks were a scarce, desperately-needed healthcare resource, but we now see them worn in almost every aspect of our daily living. 

This year we are introducing a writing competition, inviting readers from around the world to write 700 words on the theme of '2020 Unmasked'. Entrants may interpret this however they wish. 


We have some fantastic prizes, generously sponsored by Minim Healthcare:  

  • £200 for the winning entry  
  • £50 each for five runners-up


The rules are very simple:  


The winning entry will be published in the magazine later in the year.  
Good luck!! 

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