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The incidence of coagulopathies in children presenting with post-tonsillectomy haemorrhage

Tonsillectomy is often the first haemostatic challenge for a child. Postoperative haemorrhage may therefore represent the first presentation of a child’s underlying bleeding disorder. This study aimed to quantify the rate of occult coagulopathy in patients who had experienced a...

Automated contouring of costal cartilage for pinna reconstruction – a proof of concept

Presently there are limited applications of automation within operative ENT. This proof-of-concept study explores the use of an augmented robot to contour cadaveric costal cartilage for auricular reconstruction. Ordinarily this task is performed manually. This takes considerable time due to...

A 3D-printed endoscopic sinus surgery simulator – validity testing

The challenge of gaining sufficient experiential learning to successfully navigate the learning curve toward competence has long been a challenge in surgical education. The COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on elective capacity, has presented a further challenge to the acquisition...

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