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In conversation with Professor Jatin Shah

We are honoured to welcome renowned head and neck surgeon, Professor Jatin Shah as Guest Editor of this edition of ENT and Audiology News. Here he speaks to Section Editor, Charlie Giddings, about his career, memorable achievements and advice for...

Paediatric salivary gland tumours

This is a review article of a rare group of neoplasms that frequently present as painless preauricular mass in older children. There is a wide differential including first branchial arch abnormalities, inflammatory and granulomatous processes. Those masses that are painless,...

When ears go bad

Whilst rare, squamous cell carcinoma is the commonest primary malignancy of the temporal bone and is discussed in this review article. This tumour frequently presents with otalgia, ottorhoea and hearing loss; less commonly, with facial palsy or parotid mass. Investigations...

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