It is with great pleasure that I join the Global Ambassadors of ENT & Audiology news to help maintain and encourage worldwide communication on all issues related to our common field of ENT and audiology. Originating from Sweden, having grown up in the UK and now living and working in the field of laryngology and head and neck surgery in Leiden, the Netherlands, I have always valued my international ties both in my professional and personal life. I am therefore looking forward to contributing news and updates from ‘my’ European region. As General Secretary of the European Laryngological Society (ELS) and through my involvement with the European Confederation of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (CEORL) am also pleased to provide a link to the activities of these organisations. On this note, as Scientific Chair of the CEORL meeting in Brussels this summer, I want to welcome you all to join us at the largest gathering of ENT in Europe.

Latest Contribution

What’s new about the 5th Congress of the CEORL-HNS?

The CEORL-HNS congress will feature novel ideas for sessions, including debates, ‘basic ENT’ and ‘nightmare’ sessions! The two leading figures of the meeting tell us about the evolution of the congress and future directions. There is something new about the...