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Speech Testing

Gareth Smith, MSc, AuD,Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, UK. How often do patients come to hearing healthcare professionals having noted a difficulty hearing quiet beeps in a silent environment? Rarely? Never? Yet they...

David Baguley’s legacy

You will have read the beautiful obituaries to our friend, colleague and mentor, the Reverend Professor David ‘Dave’ Baguley, who died 11 June 2022. We have taken the audiology section of this edition to pick up and celebrate some of Dave’s professional interests and passions over his audiology career.

Music and Hearing Aids: A clinical approach

Given Marshall Chasin’s international reputation in the field of music and hearing aids, this book will come with high expectations. As an often-challenging clinical scenario for practising audiologists, and with no other dedicated books on the market, this text has...