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Audiology in this issue...Amplification 2019

Gareth Smith, MSc, AuD, Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Southend University Hospital, UK. E: In previous areas of the Audiology Features Section, this theme would have been called ‘Hearing Aids’. With the increased interest in ‘over-the-counter’ or ‘direct-to-consumer’ devices, we...

Livio™ AI: In Conversation with Achin Bhowmik

A hearing aid? A Fitbit? A falls alert device? A ‘Healthable’? Achin Bhowmik discusses how Starkey’s Livio AI came to market and what it means for the future of amplification devices. Achin Bhowmik. Achin, you have an interesting background in...

In conversation with Paul Lamb

Paul Lamb recently joined a team undertaking a hearing care mission to Armenia with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Paul took time to discuss the aims and achievements of these missions through his personal experiences with the foundation. Paul Lamb. The...

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