He established the Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme and the Ear Foundation, an educational charity supporting deaf children. He has been involved in several multi-centre trials of cochlear implantation and was awarded a Hunterian Professorship at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and has delivered the Toynbee Memorial Lecture. He was recognised in the Guinness World Records for surgical innovation and by The Times as one of Britain’s Top Doctors. He has been President of the Section of Otology, Royal Society of Medicine, London and is now Master-Elect of the British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology for 2020.

Latest Contribution

In conversation with George Tavartkiladze

For decades, Professor Tavartkiladze has been the personification of Russian audiology and its best known ambassador on the international stage. Hailing from the republic of Georgia, he has led countless seminal initiatives within Russia to advance the science and practice...

AUDIOLOGY - In conversation with Yury Konstantinovich Yanov

Focussing on trauma and the military, it is fitting to include this interview with ENT Professor and Russian Army General Yury Konstantinovich Yanov. Professor Gerard O’Donoghue had the honour of putting some questions to this eminent figure in Russian ENT,...

The Brain’s Connectome – a symphony inside our brains and how hearing loss disturbs the music

Understand us; where do we begin? In this article the authors’ introduce a project that may uncover that our personalities and traits are a product of the interconnected wiring within our brain. The team discusses the Human Connectome Project and...

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