The Merseyside Rhinology - Skull Base Interface Meeting

Liverpool, UK
We aim to provide a friendly and conducive platform to present complex patients, difficult-to-manage cases, uncommon pathology, interesting scans, innovative surgical techniques, lessons learnt from mistakes or complications, or an opportunity to obtain a second (or third!) opinion. These meetings...

25th Rhino Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

1st European Rhinallergy Meeting RHINA 2019

Eastbourne, UK

10th Singapore Allergy & Rhinology Conference (10th SARC 2019) |1st SARC Sleep Workshop | 6th SARC FESS Workshop

10th Singapore Allergy & Rhinology Conference: 25-27 April 2019 1st SARC Sleep Workshop: 25-26 April 2019 6th SARC FESS Workshop: 27-28 April 2019
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