Event Details
Date: 25 October 2022 - 27 October 2022

Location name: Dubai, UAE

Location address: Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

Contact: Joy Ogunneye, Index Conferences & Exhibitions

Tel: +971 4 520 8985 / +971 5 2984 2378


The only dedicated otology and neurotology event in the Middle East, Dubai Otology tackles the most critical ear, head and neck diseases and disorders, displaying up-to-date medical research, treatments and advanced technology in the field. The two-day conference and exhibition is followed by a Vestibular Seminar on 27 October.

The comprehensive scientific programme enjoys support from the Ministry of Health in the UAE as well as from distinguished medically related societies in the region and beyond, most notably from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Pakistan.

It is estimated one billion people are suffering from some form of hearing loss. As we get older, many of us gradually lose this important sense, causing hardships in communication. Additionally, about one in every 1,000 children is born with advanced nerve hearing loss. With advances in research and technology, many of these issues can be resolved, although people are often unaware they can receive help, especially since we tend to accept matters the way they are as we age.

The momentous 10th edition of Dubai Otology will shed light on these matters. More than 700 visitors and participants are expected to attend to witness 45 speakers, 60 scientific sessions and partake in live workshops, most notably a dedicated full day for a Vestibular Seminar at the end.

The highly specialised event provides a great opportunity to develop lasting partnerships. It also opens new business opportunities as more than 30 brands from over 20 countries will be present. Attendees to the conferences can also attain CME credit points.

Conference Chairman Dr Mohammed Al Hammadi said: “This year will be the largest gathering of international doctors, specialists, residents and exhibitors since our inception, making this momentous occasion even more spectacular. Our wonderful city of Dubai continues to provide the best display for excellence in healthcare practice and technology."

The Vestibular Seminar will cover important topics to help doctors keep patients at the heart of care and to learn from experts around the world. They include Updates in Vestibular Laboratory Tests and Visual Vertigo; Preventing Further Falls in Fallers with Vestibular Symptoms – a Randomised Trial; Peripheral Vestibular Disorders - New Concept; Innovative Balance and Falls Risk Management; Migraine and Meniere’s Disease; and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Dr Tristram Lesser, Professor of Otology, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Advisory Board Member for Dubai Otology, said: “Otology is the pinnacle of scientific surgery. Advances in technology and surgery have improved the lives of countless patients. Otology was the first to repair a lost sense – hearing. Otology was also the first to use microscopes for the most delicate surgery ever done so that diseases could not only be cured but also allow function to be restored.”

He continued: “Otology has advanced into the skull base, improving the morbidity and mortality of tumour resection beyond recognition. Nerves are monitored, blood vessels protected and image guidance defines the tumour and vital organs like the adjacent brain. Now we have robots to assist and new drugs target disease with minimal side effects and maximum effect. All in all, a lot to discuss and learn this year in Dubai in 2022.”