Event Details
Date: 13 November 2021 - 14 November 2021

Location name: VIRTUAL

Contact: SARC 2021 Secretariat c/o Events360 Pte Ltd.

Tel: +65 9105 8697

Such an outstanding and comprehensive conference with the diversity of contemporary topics in the field of Rhinology! The Singapore Sleep, Allergy & Rhinology Conference (SARC) 2021, took place virtually. It brought the state of the art in treatments for all kinds of rhinologic diseases, from allergic rhinitis to chronic rhinosinusitis and skull-based surgeries. I was fascinated with the presentations of well-known ENT physicians who shared their experiences and researches. For instance, biologic therapy, cryotherapy, or skull-based surgery are my interests since I do not have many chances to experience them in my practice. The conference content was decent with many high-quality presentations, demonstrations and tutorial videos. It is worth noting that the discussion section provided us with tremendous information because the speakers were very friendly in answering attendees' questions with their knowledge.  

Finally, I have attended SARC several times but most topics are not duplicated and are attractive to audiences. Therefore, I always recommend my colleagues attend this event, as it one of the most popular conferences for rhinologists and general ENT. In the future, I wish that the organisers will invite Southeast-Asian speakers to have some talks to share their experiences and studies in our regions. 

Minh Phuoc Hoang.  
Research fellow in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.