Event Details
Date: 10 May 2021 - 13 May 2021

Time: 10:00

Location name: ONLINE

Contact: Helle Nielsen

Tel: +45 6371 3555

Widening your horizons without leaving the island

Growing up in country Australia I craved to know what was beyond this ‘continental island’. It was the late 1970s and the Encyclopædia Britannica could only widen my horizons so far. The barriers to accessing knowledge have certainly fallen, however in my clinical experience as a Paediatric Audiologist over the last few years, I have felt my isolation growing. I had become seemingly content to enhance clinical practice with training that was conveniently available. Whilst this was relevant, quality and essential education, it does seem that there was more to be appreciated.

My reliance on continuing education that was readily available has been challenged in the last year. So I am grateful for the 2nd Trends in Paediatrics Virtual Course presented by the Interacoustics Academy, a forum for clinical audiologists globally to meet and consider the utility of screening tools, diagnosis of auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, the specifics of visual reinforcement audiometry and also vestibular testing.

Four sessions were conveniently presented in two alternative time zones. Participants can register with the choice of two live presentations, which are available in recorded format for those who were not able to view them live. The live presentations combined recorded material, an outstanding resource for later use, with online polls and a question forum for a stimulating interactive approach to learning.

I relished gaining insight into the how and why global audiological communities developed clinical practices and guidelines, all of which are ultimately driven by providing the best possible outcomes with the resources available to them. My ‘island’ view has been challenged. Questioning this may or may not lead to change, however it is good to consider the basis of practice, to be able to defend, explain or consider change. This wider consideration of the alternative practice also enhances the in-service provided by our local trainers.

The on-demand versions of each of the four days can be accessed here.

Alternatively, each of the four links can be accessed individually:
Day 1 - Global perspectives on new-born hearing screening
Day 2 - The diagnosis and management of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD)
Day 3 - Advances in behavioural testing
Day 4 - The role of diagnostic tests of hearing and balance in the pediatric CI patient journey


Report by Melanie Dowling, Paediatric Audiologist, Audiology Department, John Hunter Children's Hospital, Hunter New England Local Health District, New South Wales, Australia.