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Date: 8 April 2019 - 9 April 2019

Location name: Belgrade, Serbia

Location address: Tulip Inn, Palmira Toljatija 9, Beograd 11070, Serbia

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Report by: Mr Momir Mrmak

The 7th Belgrade Balance Forum moved the borders of the regional meeting to the international neurotology conference. More than 150 participants came and had an opportunity to expand their knowledge in this narrow but evolving field of medicine. Delegates mainly came from the Balkan region, but there was also some from Europe, Latin America and Australia.

Professor Michael Halmagyi - the man who made great moves in neurotology - shared his experience in resolving difficult cases, and taught how to expand a way of thinking in making the diagnosis and also in creating future vestibular experiments.

Eleven other world-class experts helped us to better understand vestibular disorders, diagnostics and therapeutic strategies and also helped in resolving clinical dilemmas through lectures and workshops. Leaders in the field such as Yacovino, Van De Berg and Manzari, sharpened our ideas. Each gave us answers useful for everyday clinical practice, through interactive lectures and vivid discussions about unresolved and borderline topics.

Poster presentations were elaborated with brain trusts and contributed to developing the collaboration among the colleagues who share the same interests.

Out-with the scientific programme, the participants along with the speakers enjoyed Belgrade sightseeing, Serbian traditional food and informal dancing at the closing party and welcome reception dinner.

The main goal of the Belgrade Balance Forum is to make a contribution in widening the neurotology community and in spreading the ideas and scientific data among neurotologists.

Belgrade Balance Forum will continue to spread news in neurotology in the future.