Event Details
Date: 30 March 2021

Time: 10:00

Location name: ONLINE

Contact: Helle Nielsen

Tel: +45 6371 3555

I have attended a number of the Interacoustics webinars during lockdown and recently participated in ABR Case Studies and ABR Correction Factors. The format of the webinars is brilliant as they tend to be very interactive and keep you engaged.

ABR Case Studies
As someone with significant experience in ABRs, the normal and hearing loss case studies were reassuring as I could see that I would be likely to follow the same test strategy/management. It’s always nice to know you haven’t fallen into any bad habits!

It was interesting to learn about the differences in newborn hearing screening between the UK and Australia (and also that they follow the BSA ABR guidance). The idea of performing ASSR first to get a baseline idea of the baby’s hearing before doing the ABR is an interesting approach. I have very limited experience with ASSR but the common approach I’ve seen is to do this following the ABR to obtain additional frequency information. ANSD case studies are always valuable as it is something we see so rarely in clinic.

ABR Correction Factors
I felt I had a good understanding of ABR correction factors and how to apply them prior to the webinar but was interested in taking part as a refresher. The interactive nature was perfect for checking my understanding – particularly the examples with chirp stimuli as we are about to start using these more in our department. What I found particularly useful was the discussion surrounding the studies that informed the correction factors within the guidance. It was very interesting and has given me a deeper understanding of the scientific basis.

I would highly recommend signing up to future webinars.

Report by Anushri Patel, Audiological Scientist, North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, UK.