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Date: 30 March 2020 - 31 March 2020

Location name: Belgrade, Serbia

Location address: Mona Plaza Hotel, Solunska 21, Beograd, Serbia

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Belgrade Balance Forum gathers world class experts in neurotology, doctors involved in vestibular field and vestibular therapists from all over the world. The main goal of Belgrade Balance Forum (BBF) is to contribute in growing the network of neurotology and spreading the exchange of ideas and scientific data among neurotologists.

This year, we are happy to welcome Professor Curthoys, from Australia, who has made great moves in vestibular science. He will help us to better understand the otolith function, neural basis of the transient and sustained response of otoliths, and to show us micro-CT evidence of membranous labyrinth anatomy. We are proud to welcome Professor Zee from John Hopkins for the third time in Belgrade. His work in understanding complicated vestibular neural pathways is well known to all who are involved in the vestibular field of medicine. This year, from Prof Zee, we’ll have the opportunity to learn about cerebellar control of the vestibulo-ocular reflex and how to recognise Wernicke’s encephalopathy on the basis of oculomotor signs.

Very well-known names in the field of neurotology: Professor Magnusson, Van de Berg, Califano, Buki, and Bertholon will present new insight into the inner ear pathology, peculiar nystagmus forms in meniere’s disease, further ideas in vestibular testing and much more. Cranial base surgeons from the United States, Fishman and Chenelle, plan to share their experience in vestibular schwannoma surgery. Professor Apostoski, a famous neurologist will point to proprioception failure as a cause of instability. Professor Filipovic, a great engineer in vestibular diagnostics and therapeutic innovations, will show a hologram based vestibular rehabilitation.

Round tables are very well attended during the BBF congress. Discussions run in a relaxed form, with the opportunity to ask a very direct and practical questions to the experienced neurotologists and get answers which will help in solving difficult cases in everyday practice. During both congress days there will be an opportunity to learn practical skills like doing reposition maneuvers in difficult BPPV cases and practical guidance through examination of a dizzy patient.

Poster sessions will bring the opportunity to share scientific knowledge among the colleagues involved in the same field of interest. As usual, social events are planned during the congress which result in spreading the network of collaboration among the colleagues from various countries.

8th Belgrade Balance Forum continues to spread new information in neurotology. Hope to see you in Belgrade on March 30-31.

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