Event Details
Date: 29 October 2022 - 2 November 2022

Location name: Milan, Italy

Location address: MiCo – Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy

Contact: Mondial Congress & Events

Tel: +43 (0)1 58804-0


This sixth edition of the Congress of the Confederation of European Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery was a mixture of all the ENT sub-specialities. It was a real opportunity to strengthen international relationships with a backdrop of an intense and high-quality scientific programme.  Almost 3000 people from 83 different countries attended.

Professor Piero Nicolai, Congress President, Professor Cem Meco, CEORL-HNS President, and Professor Isabel Vilaseca, Chair of the Scientific Committee (pictured), introduced some innovative changes that will almost certainly affect future congresses. They included mentoring sessions and the establishment of the Young Confederation (see below). In addition to the keynote lectures, instructional courses and round tables, the mentoring sessions definitely stood out.

These sessions were a unique chance to meet, in a less formal setting, senior colleagues and top leaders in their specialities around the world and discuss with them both professional and personal challenges in a way to build up a career. It was a great opportunity to discuss details beyond the technical aspects of being a surgeon such as personal challenges – participants felt they could close the gap and really talk ‘both with the man and the surgeon’.

It was interesting not just for the young colleagues attending the sections, but also for the mentors who had a real opportunity to teach and educate on a broader spectrum. The relaxed atmosphere let their personalities come across.

After the break imposed by the COVID pandemic, the opening ceremony was a chance to recognise recent winners of the Golden Medal of the European Board Exam of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, EBEORL (HNS): Georgios I Garas for 2019, Tobias Engert for 2021 and Arnaud Lambert for 2022.

The cherry on the cake was the glamorous Italian locations of both the congressional and social events that, combined with the unusual warm weather, made the congress unforgettable and just a very pleasant moment to spend with colleagues working elsewhere, sharing experiences and reinforcing friendships.  

We are sure that based on this success, colleagues will respond very well to the next meeting that will be held in Dublin on 19-24 June 2024. The Scientific Chair Michael Kuo and Congress President John Russell are pictured above. (https://www.ceorlhns.org/events). 

We all look forward to seeing you there.


CEORL-HNS 2022 welcomed the arrival of the Young Confederation (Y-CEORL), a group of younger colleagues within the Confederation of European ORL-HNS. Much work has been done in the last two years to create this enthusiastic association.

With an age limit of 45 and a completely free subscription, the Y-CEORL aims to gather together a generation of European ENT surgeons. Working with a European view and trying to strengthen international relationships, the confederation will promote opportunities for colleagues on a much broader front as well as highlighting educational and international projects. It will advertise grants, prizes, fellowships and meetings, allowing members to choose opportunities that will help their growth as surgeons and scientists.

Research, education, surgical experiences and visiting opportunities around Europe will only make our discipline stronger. It is a process of growth brought about by people coming together as part of a common project.

In addition to all of this, the Y-CEORL will be massively involved in the organisation of the congress in Dublin on 15-19 June 2024, with the aim of organising keynote lectures, round tables and instructional courses that reflect exactly the needs of the group.

Y-CEORL: stay together, work together and improve together!


Daniele Borsetto, MPhil, EBEORL-HNS, Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.