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Date: 6 December 2017 - 8 December 2017

Location name: Karachi, Pakistan

Contact: Prof M Shahed Quraishi, OBE, FRCS, Director ENT Masterclass

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News from Farhan Ahsan FRCS, Consultant, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, UK

The garden paradise of the great Mughal empire, Lahore, hosted the first leg of the ENT Masterclass Pakistan on 6 December 2017. Nadeem Mukhtar, the ENT Masterclass coordinator for Lahore, hosted a session on implants and otology at the Faletti’s Hotel. The academic programme kicked off with a talk on assessment of cochlear implant patients by Richard Irving.

(The ENT Masterclass faculty. Richard Irving, Shahed Quraishi, Nadeem Mukhtar (Lahore Coordinator), Codruta Neumann,
Peter Rea and Iqbal Khan L-R)

Prof Peter Rea and Codruta Neumann followed with lectures on the management of vestibular and middle ear challenges. The panel discussion and question-answer sessions were excellent. The visiting faculties were treated to a tour of the 17th century Mughal Fort, Badshahi Mosque and the walled city of the Mughal era. The tour’s highpoint was a visit to the India/Pakistan border at Wagah to witness the peaceful flag ceremony undertaken by the soldiers from both sides.

(The Otology faculty with swords drawn at the Mughal Fort in Lahore. Richard Irving, Peter Rea and Codruta Neumann)

The second leg was held at the port city of Karachi in conjunction with the Pakistan Otolaryngology Society from 8-10 December. Day one was held at the Aga Khan University. Prof Umar Farooq and Prof Mumtaz Khan welcomed and inaugurated the meeting. Prof Shahed Quraishi OBE presented the ENT Masterclass® report, highlighting a 14-year journey from a single course in Doncaster expanding into an international phenomenon across four continents. Michael Kuo shared his rich experience in paediatric airway management; Profs Dan Jiang and Musheer Hussain followed with talks on cochlear implantation and ear canal lesions. Prof Shak Saeed, Prof Peter Rea, Richard Irving and Corduta Neumann finally brought the otology session up to a level not seen in a Masterclass for a long time.

In the afternoon, Hesham Saleh and Mohamed Reda delivered a double act on rhinoplasty surgery. The last session covered the challenges of head and neck malignancies. The last session was led by Farhan Ahsan, Safina Ali, Ahmet Ikiz, Mumtaz Khan and Zafar Sajjad who covered the challenges of head and neck malignancies. The day ended in style with Prof Mumtaz Khan moderating a panel discussion. At the formal course dinner, Prof Shahed Quraishi OBE was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Pakistan ORL Society.

The venue for day two was the local Movenpick Hotel with over 700 delegates. The day started with lectures and was followed by three parallel sessions with keynote lectures, panel discussions and trainee papers. A cultural programme with local music, traditional dances and dinner completed the day. Day three continued with lectures and panel discussions. The international faculty were treated to a whirlwind tour of Karachi in the classic ‘Karachi minibus’, starting at Dow Medical University, one of the premier medical schools of South Asia with a rich history of leading the democratic political struggle in Pakistan. Next was a visit to ‘Empress Market’ a Victorian sandstone monument built to honour Queen Victoria at the height of British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Today it is the central market for spices and grains from across central Asia and the silk route from China. The key point was a visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral for Sunday Mass and Christmas carol singing. Many in the faculty felt that the on-the-ground reality in Pakistan was much better than the perception of a society threatened by the Taliban. The day ended with a sunset cruise in the Arabian Sea.

ENT Masterclass“So ended one of the most memorable ENT Masterclasses® to date,
bonding friendships across continents. The Pakistan ORL Society and its Chairman Prof Umar Farooq are to be commended for such a successful meeting.”