Event Details
Date: 22 May 2021

Location name: St Petersburg, Russia

Location address: Hygiene Museum, Ital'yanskaya ulitsa 5, St. Petersburg 191011 Russia

‘The Sound’ was the topic for the ArtNight 2021, which took place in St Petersburg, Russia, at the end of May. For us, as otorhinolaryngologists and audiologists, ‘the sound’ means hearing! The ENT specialists together with the companies involved, combined their efforts to produce an educational and fun programme at the Hygiene Museum. The event turned into a real hearing festival, including lectures by the experts, hearing consultations on the spot, workshops, kids’ contests and, as a central piece, a painting exhibition by Otologist and Otosurgeon, Dr Sergey Kosyakov (@doctor_kosyakov). In his masterpieces, Dr Kosyakov shows the beauty and perfection of the inner ear and his passion for ear surgery. As well as their fantastic and imaginative look, all the canvases demonstrated truly anatomical and clearly recognisable otosurgical views.

“I call it otosurgical imaginism” said Doctor Kosyakov. “I’m not an artist but painting allows me to share my impressions, my thoughts and my perception of otosurgery with the public and also gives me a deep relax and recharge”.

The event, sponsored by Medel, Widex and Signia, attracted around 1000 visitors and was very much appreciated both by the general public and those living with hearing problems.



Report by Alina Beketova, Manager, ProfLORcentr ENT Clinic, Moscow, Russia.