Event Details
Date: 2 November 2019

Location name: Birmingham, UK

Location address: Radisson Blu, 12 Holloway Circus, Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1BT, United Kingdom

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Report by: Shamim Toma, Medway NHS Foundation Trust

This was the 29th Young Consultants in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (YCOHNS) annual meeting brought together some great names of ENT in the UK for discussions about the challenges facing new consultants. The Friday involved the traditional dinner and drinks at the hotel and nearby fine drinking establishments. Saturday morning started off with an introduction and welcome to the conference by the President, James Barraclough, and Treasurer, Dheeraj Karamchandani. YCOHNS have now joined forces with ENT UK and this amalgamation and its benefits (including reduced membership fees for all ENT consultants within five years) were discussed further. Then there was an excellent talk on education and his insights into setting up the Student and Foundation Doctors in Otolaryngology (SFO) with Jay Doshi. Nirmal Kumar followed, delivering his talk fresh from the RSM the day before. He discussed how we anticipate ENT UK and YCOHNS should interact going forward and an open forum discussion regarding Clinical Excellence Awards and the best ways to achieve them.

Next up was Matthew Trotter giving a light-hearted talk on how to do well in management and how to avoid common problems faced in your first few years as a consultant. Many of us had questions regarding the current pension situation and so we were very happy to have Chase De Vere representatives giving us an in-depth look at how we may stand with our own financial situations. Lunch gave us more opportunities to talk about our own experiences up and down the country as new ENT consultants. We then re-convened to hear from Tony Narula about the history of YCOHNS, his personal experiences and valuable lessons learned from being an ENT consultant in two different trusts, and his continued commitment to supporting the specialty.

Overall, this was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere creating a forum for discussion of experiences and insights into being an ENT consultant in the UK. I would highly recommend this meeting to all new ENT consultants.