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In April, Atmos MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG will launch the next generation of endoscopes for ENT and swallowing diagnostics— the Atmos Scope. This flexible HD video nasopharyngolaryngoscope sets new standards with its high image resolution and, via its USB interface, enables mobile use with portable devices.

Differentiated imaging is essential for detailed visualization of the nose, throat, and larynx. With 800 x 800 pixels, the Atmos Scope carries out video-assisted endoscopic and swallowing diagnostic examinations in HD quality, providing reliable information for diagnosis. The high-resolution CMOS image sensor (chip-on-tip) is located directly on the endoscope tip—offering an advantage over fiber-optic image transmission. Equipped with a wide-angle lens and two LED light sources, the Atmos Scope produces a homogeneously illuminated 90-degree field of view.



Mobile, digital, and ergonomic

By using the USB standard, the Atmos Scope does not need a large video processor and can be flexibly connected to a stationary treatment unit as well as portable end devices (plug-and-play). The device can be fully integrated into a digital workflow process covering everything from diagnostics to documentation of examination results, including image and video processing, to patient management. The ergonomic handle has been adopted from the previous model. Its proven design with integrated function buttons is extremely popular in practice because it enables fatigue-free working. The ATMOS Scope is approved for manual and mechanical reprocessing. It can therefore be easily integrated into any process commonly used on-site and prepared for its next use with the existing infrastructure.



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