Safe Nasendoscopy Starts with a ‘SNAP’

DTR Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now packaging and distributing the SNAP (Safe Nasendoscopic Assisted Procedure) device developed by endoscope-i.

Reusable Face Visor from Innovia

Innovia Ltd are excited to announce the introduction of the Reusable Innovia Face Visor.

New vestibular solution from Interacoustics

Interacoustics announces the launch of the third generation of VisualEyes™.

MediTop ENT-units

MediTop ENT-units are custom made to the specific requirements of users. These ENT-units are available in several designs and in many colours to match room and hospital design.

Now available in the UK - Firefly DE1250 Wireless USB Camera

Now available in the UK through specialist distributor Minim Healthcare, the excellent Firefly DE1250 Wireless USB Camera.

Distribution partners sought for Insight Smart ENT unit

The Insight Smart ENT unit is designed to provide ENT specialists with optimal solutions.

A new scenario for Otolaryngology

Treatment Workstations are essential elements for the ENT outpatient room, being a hybrid between a piece of furniture and a technological working unit, integrating in a single system several basic devices for outpatient activities.

EARWAYS Medical announces that Geoffrey Cooling joins its Scientific Advisory Board

Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing care influencer and blogger. He has been involved in the hearing healthcare profession since 2007, when he qualified as a hearing aid audiologist.

Vorotek O Scope - a revolution in binocular E.N.T. visualisation

The Vorotek O Scope is a head-worn microscope alternative that delivers outstanding binocular vision in narrow cavities.

PolyDiagnost - the ideal endoscopic solution

PolyDiagnost offers a toolbox containing optics of various resolutions and diameters, matching handpieces, and working/ irrigation shafts.

Exmoor Plastics and Exmoor Innovations join the Robinson Healthcare family

Exmoor Plastics Limited (together with its subsidiary Exmoor Innovations Limited) has been acquired by Robinson Healthcare Limited.

Trachealator non-occlusive airway dilation balloon

DISA Medinotec is a medical devices company which provides innovative, ground-breaking technology and specialises in the manufacturing and development of niche products in the fields of ENT, airway management and surgical devices.