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What is, developed by Oticon Medical, is a newly launched online platform tailored to support healthcare professionals' counselling sessions and designed to guide candidates through the process of selecting a Bone Anchored Hearing System (BAHS). Centered around the candidate journey and its different stages, empowers candidates by providing them with the necessary information to make confident decisions on their journey to better hearing.



How can support counselling sessions?

Professionals can utilise a range of tools offered on the platform, allowing them to either present the entire journey to candidates or concentrate on specific stages. comes complete with downloadable handout materials and additional reading resources for added reference. Moreover, the support pages are designed to deliver invaluable resources specifically tailored to BAHS in a user-friendly format. ultimately supports healthcare providers' counselling sessions and provides personalised guidance throughout the candidate journey.

Can you start using

Yes, you can! is now accessible to professionals and also serves as a valuable resource for referring candidates. Depending on your language preference, you can select from a list of available languages for counselling patients.

About Oticon Medical

At Oticon Medical, we believe that patients and hearing care professionals should be able to choose the best possible solution at any time along the patient journey. We call it “Freedom of Choice” and it has always been paramount to Oticon Medical. This is the reason why our solutions are designed to be compatible whenever possible. As a result, an implant from Oticon Medical stands as a true testament to our unwavering lifelong support.

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