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Neuromod has announced that clinically proven tinnitus treatment device, Lenire, is now available in Malaga, Seville and Granada through partnership with medical technology distributor, TRUSBIN. This latest expansion brings the number of clinics in Spain providing Lenire to four.

An estimated 15% of the global adult population is impacted by tinnitus, commonly known as ringing in the ears, meaning more than 7.5 million people in Spain could be living with the condition [1].



Medical device distributor, TRUSBIN, is responsible for identifying leading hearing care clinics, creating partnerships and training clinical staff with the novel tinnitus treatment device.

“Partnership with Neuromod enables us to bring life-changing tinnitus treatment technology to the millions living with tinnitus in Spain,” said Xavier Cirera, TRUSBIN CEO.

Lenire launched in Europe in 2019 following the success of two large-scale clinical trials, TENT-A1 [2] and TENT-A2 [3]. These independently peer-reviewed clinical trials showed that Lenire can provide significant relief from tinnitus that can sustain for at least 12 months.

Lenire recently became the first device of its kind to be awarded a De Novo Grant from the United States FDA based on the success of the device’s most recent controlled clinical trial, TENT-A3. During this clinical trial, Lenire® was also proven to be more effective than sound-only therapy for 70.5% of patients with moderate or worse tinnitus [4].

Lenire is now available in more than 100 clinics worldwide. Patients and referring doctors can find a clinic by visiting


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4. TENT-A3: clinical trial data in preparation for publication.




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