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Cl-ear, the fastest growing ear care brand of drops and spray¹, welcomes Mr Neel Raithatha, Consultant Audiologist BSc (Hons), RHAD, MSHAA, The Wax Whisperer, as healthcare advisor.

Mr Raithatha is a strong advocate of Cl-ear which offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of drops and spray products to treat and prevent earwax and a product to soothe pain and inflammation of the outer ear canal. He is spearheading an awareness campaign to encourage regular use of the Cl-ear range to help treat and prevent reoccurrence of common ear care problems and support audiology treatment programmes.

Says Mr Neel Raithatha “I’m excited to collaborate with the Cl-ear brand and its role within the microsuction process, both pre and post treatment. I particularly like the Cl-ear Olive Oil Spray which I use in clinic.” 

Mr Raithatha is also working with Cl-ear on potential innovations in ear care products to further benefit audiology treatments.



For further information and samples visit the healthcare portal at


¹ Source: NIELSEN Retail Sales Audit Data. Ear Care Value Sales. GB Total coverage 12m/e July 2022.

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