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DP Medical Systems Ltd. has been named as the exclusive UK and Ireland supplier of Chitogel™ – a pioneering wound healing gel for use in endoscopic sinus surgery.

The company has partnered with Chitogel™ – a global medical device manufacturer already established in the USA, Australia and New Zealand – to bring the Chitogel Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit to the UK and Ireland for the first time.

The product is a clinically proven hydrogel which supports rapid and complete wound healing, minimising adhesions, preserving structural integrity and addressing patient comfort.

Owen Pemberton, Managing Director at DP Medical, said: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Chitogel to bring this innovative product to the UK and Irish markets.

“Created with the purpose of enhancing postoperative care and helping achieve long-term positive outcomes, Chitogel™ will undoubtedly benefit ENT surgeons and patients here.”

Edward Lamb, CEO of Chitogel, commented: “We are extremely excited to partner with DP Medical as we continue our global growth plans, which include Europe and Asia over the coming 12 months. Chitogel has demonstrated a 70% reduction in revision surgery, giving a positive health economic outcome as well”.

Chitogel is made of three key ingredients to enhance wound healing – all derived from natural sources: chitosan – which prevents adhesion, activates platelets and delivers hemostatic properties; dextran – which exhibits antibacterial properties, inhibits fibroblast migration, reduces platelet adhesiveness and promotes re-epithelialisation; and glycerol to promote healthy bacterial growth and stabilise the epithelium.

Chitogel can be used to separate tissue or structures compromised by surgical trauma, prevent adhesions between mucosal surfaces in the nasal cavity, minimise ostial stenosis and control minimal bleeding by tamponade effect, blood absorption and platelet aggregation.



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