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An innovative vocal implant system, to be exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by DP Medical, will help patients recover and improve their voices.

Manufactured in Austria by an Austrian-Taiwanese company APrevent, The APrevent Vocal Implant System (VOIS) offers a cutting-edge solution for voice and speech disorders.

Designed for treatment of glottic insufficiency and unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP), it is used in type 1 thyroplasty procedures to improve voice quality. The implant system achieves a complete closure of the glottic gap by medialisation of the paralysed vocal fold in its full length.


The medical technology is relatively new but is proven to offer reduced complications and revision rates and produces optimised results with fine adjustment. The implant comes in four sizes and can be adjusted intra and post-operatively to fit the patient’s anatomy and physiological changes in condition, making revision surgeries redundant, saving time and costs.



Owen Pemberton, Commercial Director at DP Medical, said: “We feel the market for this niche product is going to grow rapidly due to the discontinuation of the traditional silastic block implant that has been commonly used for the type 1 thyroplasty.

“DP Medical has a wealth of experience with specialist equipment in the ENT field, working with speech and language teams across the country to provide top-class equipment that benefits both staff and patients.”

Dr. Guan-Min Ho, Co-Founder and CEO of APrevent Medical, said: “We’re very happy to announce DP Medical as our exclusive distribution partner in the UK and Ireland. With their experiences in ENT, we are confident that beside the expected rapid market growth, a lot of patients will benefit from this revolutionary device, which is also acknowledged by many internationally well-known key opinion leaders.”




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