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Neuromod Devices, the medical technology company that developed tinnitus treatment device, Lenire, has partnered with an additional 24 new US clinics to address the significant demand for the FDA Approved tinnitus treatment device.

Lenire® is a groundbreaking bimodal neuromodulation device which has been proven to provide clinically significant relief from tinnitus in a clinical trial, and real world settings.1,2, 3

Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears”, is a complex brain signalling condition that causes people to perceive sound with no external source.

Lenire has become the most in-demand tinnitus treatment device in America since the device was awarded a De Novo FDA Approval Grant in 2023. Neuromod Devices, creators of Lenire, is operating a phased expansion to prioritize patient care excellence at scale.

This latest expansion will see the clinically proven tinnitus treatment device become available in new states such as Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina, and more. As well as this, further clinics will open in states with significant demand such as California, Florida, New York, and Texas.

Founder of Albany, New York-based clinics, Audiologic Solutions, and American Tinnitus Association Board Member, Dr. Erin Walborn Au.D. is excited to offer the FDA Approved device.

"Lenire is a fantastic tool to have in our toolbox as tinnitus providers and I am excited to make it available in my practice." said Dr. Walborn, Founder of Audiologic Solutions.



According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) approximately 25 million Americans are living with tinnitus,4 2.94 million of whom are Veterans.5 Regardless of the overwhelming prevalence of tinnitus, the condition remains one of the largest unmet clinical needs in the world.

Neuromod Devices aims to change this by working with leading tinnitus care experts in the United States of America and beyond. 130 audiologists in 70 clinics across America will now provide Lenire with further expansion planned through 2024.

"Expanding access for patients is important for all of us and we know that putting it in the hands of expert clinicians and training them effectively leads to fantastic outcomes for patients," said Eric Timm, Neuromod USA CEO and Neuromod Devices President of Global Commercial Operations.


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