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The free Stage 3D desktop scanner was developed in 2019 in Germany for quality conscious audiologists.  According to manufacturers smart optics, their 3D desktop scanner, which is suitable for all open systems, is the ideal solution for trend-oriented shops.

Digitising ear impressions can be set up effortlessly.  Its slim design creates attractive, streamlined workstations.  The most important components of the scanner are its 3D sensor and a positioning mechanism. It has a swivel axis, driven by an electric motor and rotating bases. Object holders are fixed magnetically onto the bases and the ear impressions are mounted on the object holder. The rotating bases position the ear impressions with regard to the 3D sensor above the swivel axis. With the innovative touch sensor, which is a special feature of the free stage scanner, one can start the scanning process directly on the scanner. A striped pattern is projected onto the ear impressions by the 3D sensor and recorded by the camera. With the aid of several camera images taken from different perspectives, the scanning software aural scan calculates a 3- dimensional image of the object.

Britta Welz, Sales Manager Audiology at smart optics, adds “The free Stage allows you to scan open without a lid, which saves valuable time. The slim, modern design fits in every workspace. In addition, the free Stage is built in a solid "Made in Germany" quality, supplied with a 3-year warranty. The free choice of lab due to open scan files allows you to produce customized hearing and audio products with an accuracy of ≤ 9µm. Last but not least, smart optics offers after service support, completely free of charge, no fees or hidden costs.”



smart optics Sensortechnik GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Allee 10
44801 Bochum, Germany.
T: + 49 (0) 234 29 828 0

Britta Welz, Sales Manager Audiology
T:+ 49 (0)234 29 828 55

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