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A major project with the Hospital Alemán in Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows that KARL STORZ's complete solutions for operating theaters, known as OR1™, enjoy a great reputation worldwide.

Ten new operating theaters from KARL STORZ were recently installed to make the hospital one of the most modern in South America. The feedback from the local medical staff has also been highly positive.


The Hospital Alemán in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has installed ten fully networked, state-of-the-art
operating theaters from KARL STORZ and is delighted with the technical progress. 


Technology from another plane

tDr. Rudolf Baron Buxhoeveden goes into raptures when he talks about the current conditions in the operating wing of the Hospital Alemán. His team had spent months researching the market and opted for the fully integrated, first-class operating theaters from KARL STORZ following a visit to the company headquarters in Tuttlingen. The installation and connection of the new systems to the existing infrastructure of the 300-bed hospital was then carried out with the utmost precision by experts from KARL STORZ, followed by comprehensive training for the local medical staff. "We are the most modern hospital in the whole of South America - you won't find this technology here anywhere else. That was also a challenge for our staff, who had previously only worked with analog and not digital technology," explained Dr. Buxhoeveden. Even now, the teams are constantly developing their skills thanks to the cutting-edge technology. "We are still discovering new functions and possibilities. In addition, the processes have also changed significantly," said the hospital's Vice Director who is German. One of the biggest advantages is optimized workplace ergonomics thanks to the many flexible ways in which the systems can be used.

Special types of light make skin structures and blood more visible

"We allow patients to request music at the start of their procedure. But of course, they fall asleep straight away. Then it can happen that the music is changed so that I like it," said Dr. Buxhoeveden with a smile. And even more importantly, the various lighting options can make skin structures and blood more visible or even hide them, so that conditions for operating are always optimal. The technical possibilities are enormous, but so are the diagnostic opportunities. The imaging systems from KARL STORZ support optimal patient care not only through 3D and 4K technologies, but also through numerous applications in the field of autofluorescence. “We see tumors in high resolution and can therefore remove the affected tissue in the best possible way. The state-of-the-art technology from KARL STORZ makes it possible for us to make many people healthier," said the surgeon.

Data and information accessible from anywhere

The option to centrally save, edit and annotate images and videos generated during an operation also contributes to the success of the treatment. "This enables us to show patients sequences and explain their treatment clearly. Furthermore, by automating these processes, we have more time for our core activities and potential sources of error are minimized. We are extremely enthusiastic and also very grateful that we can now work in such a modern way," concluded Dr. Buxhoeveden.



Visit  KARL STORZ at E-107 in Hall 3.2. at DMEA Berlin from April 9 to 11, 2024.

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