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Otinova Ear Spray is a medical device that treats ear canal inflammation/otitis externa, sometimes known as ‘swimmers ear’.

Otinova is unique in that it contains Burow’s Solution; an astringent mixture of aluminium acetate, aluminium acetotartrate, acetic acid and water.

As early as the mid 19th century, Karl August Burow showed that using lead acetate and alum in water gave rise to a solution of aluminium acetate. Burow used this to treat open wounds. For many years Burow’s solution was commonly used to treat insect bites, various skin lesions and ear canal inflammation.

Now available in a preparation based on Burow’s recipe, this clinically proven antifungal and antimicrobial ear spray comes in a 15ml bottle (150 doses) and is available on prescription or over the counter.



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