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HearingTracker has appointed Karl Strom as its new Editor in Chief. Strom will join HearingTracker Founder and President Abram Bailey, AuD, and his staff in delivering quality content on the nation's leading independent shopping resource for hearing aids and other hearing solutions.

Strom is the former Editor in Chief of The Hearing Review magazine and website, and has been reporting on hearing healthcare issues for over 25 years. As a founding editor of Hearing Review in 1994 and original general manager of the monthly publication, he has worked with many of the most prominent audiologists, hearing aid specialists, ENTs, acousticians, researchers and engineers, market experts, and business and organization leaders in the field.

“I’m excited to have Karl join HearingTracker,” says Dr Bailey. “Like many in hearing healthcare, I have benefitted from his work and insights through the years, and he will complement our growing enterprise. Karl will be working closely with me, our CTO Brian Deterling, and Martin Riedi who heads up our Market and Business Insight division. We’re planning on bringing some new and extremely exciting resources to hearing healthcare in the next couple years. I can’t think of many people who know and appreciate the industry, its products, its people, and the unique challenges—both for our market and for consumers with hearing loss—better than Karl.”

“I have known Abram and watched HearingTracker’s progress for almost 10 years, and believe HT will become a central online hub for all things hearing,” says Strom. “I see HT as an incredibly important and comprehensive resource for consumers.”

Strom will continue to work from his home office in Duluth, Minn. Besides hearing healthcare, he has a passion for baseball, hiking and camping, skiing, golf, and getting humiliated in basketball by his two teenage sons. He invites you to reach out to him at his new email address:

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