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Carefully constructed using exclusive NETCELL® PVA sponge, the ultra-soft surface improves patient comfort and reduces trauma. The small, uniformed pore structure lowers the risk of tissue adhesion whilst increasing absorbency and fluid retention. All NETCELL® sponge products are designed to be strong, flexible, fibre and snag free.

DTR Medical offers an assortment of NETCELL® PVA Nasal Packs. These provide an immediate and effective solution for controlling post-operative bleeding. This variety of products includes Series 5000™, Standard, Anatomical and Epistaxis Nasal Packs.

DTR’s exclusive Series 5000™ PVA Nasal Pack has an outer coating offering a non-stick interface against tissue, facilitating an atraumatic removal. With a double compress for easy insertion, the product is specially designed for use after septal, turbinate and rhinoplasty surgery.


Edward Sheppard, Marketing Coordinator, DTR Medical

T: +44 (0)1792 797910

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