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Oticon Medical will celebrate the fourth annual Good Vibrations Day/Bone Anchored Awareness Day on May 3rd, 2024. This non-branded occasion was developed to raise awareness of bone conduction as an effective hearing treatment alternative for those with conductive, mixed, or single-sided hearing losses. Participation is open to all bone conduction device manufacturers, audiology professionals, and wearers with the goal of raising awareness of this treatment and celebrating its benefits worldwide.

Why May 3rd?

The May 3rd date was chosen because it is the birthday of Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish physician and research professor known as the father of osseointegration, and the godfather of bone anchored hearing. His discoveries enabled the development of modern bone conduction hearing devices.


Per-Ingvar Brånemark.


Wearers are encouraged to share video clips, photos, and stories depicting their lives with a bone anchored hearing system. Hearing care professionals are also invited to share their experiences fitting the devices and the benefits their patients have enjoyed.

“I think a bone anchored hearing system supports an individual’s listening experience by simply giving them access to language and the sound in their environment,” said Educational Audiologist Elaine McCarty. “Being able to know what’s happening in their environment, connecting with other people, I think it’s a big one. Bringing that oomph to their system with the use of a tool like the bone anchored hearing system to give them better access to that.”

How Bone Conduction Works

Bone conduction hearing systems treat hearing loss by bypassing missing or damaged portions of the wearer’s outer or middle ear and sending vibrations via the skull directly into the cochlea. From there, they are processed by the brain as sound. More than 400,000 people around the world use some form of a bone conduction hearing device and have benefited from the treatment.

A Global, Nonbranded Day of Celebration

Leading up to and including May 3rd, Oticon Medical invites all bone conduction device manufacturers to join them in celebrating Good Vibrations Day, along with wearers, parents and caregivers to wearers, and hearing care professionals. Activities can include sharing experiences, information, and videos and photos from wearers, holding contests, and more across various social media platforms.

"As we mark our fourth year celebrating Good Vibrations Day," René Govaerts, General Manager at Oticon Medical, affirms, "our dedication to the importance of sound remains unwavering. This momentous occasion has served as a significant day for raising awareness about the remarkable benefits of bone conduction. Given that many people around the world are still unaware of bone anchored hearing systems as a viable solution for their hearing loss, it's imperative that we work to change this. Oticon Medical remains committed to advancing our collaborative efforts with other manufacturers, hearing care professionals, and current wearers to ensure that the transformative capability of bone conduction reaches all those in need."

Good Vibrations Day posts, stories, tweets, reels, etc. can be shared by all using the #GoodVibrations and #BoneAnchoredHearing hashtags. They can also be viewed and shared via the official Good Vibrations Day Facebook Page: Hearing care professionals and wearers alike are encouraged to join this Facebook Page.



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