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MED-EL, a leading innovator in the field of cochlear implant research and development, has announced an agreement with the Western University (London, Canada) and Mitacs to gain exclusive access to an extraordinary synchrotron dataset of temporal bones.



This groundbreaking collection of synchrotron images offers the highest resolution and most comprehensive view of cochlear anatomy to date, which provides an unprecedented level of detail, revealing individual variations in the length and shape of the inner ear. This invaluable information provides remarkable opportunities for personalised and precise cochlear implantation procedures.

"Our access to this synchrotron dataset marks a significant milestone in medical research," said Ingeborg Hochmair, CEO of MED-EL. "By harnessing these cutting-edge images, we are now equipped with the tools and insights to revolutionise the entire process of cochlear implantation. We can now take into account candidates' individual inner ear specifics and anatomical characteristics to an extent that was previously unimaginable. This breakthrough opens up avenues for advancements in pre-operative planning, robotic surgery, and fitting protocols."

The AI-supported technology empowers medical professionals with incredibly detailed insights. For cochlear implant recipients, this represents an unprecedented opportunity to achieve a new level of natural hearing.




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