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According to research into the nation’s hearing health habits commissioned by Cl-ear™, the fastest growing OTC ear care range¹, DIY ear wax removal is rife, with 76% of people using cotton buds to clean out their ears, followed by fingers, pens, keys and even hair grips.  Over 50% of 25-34 year olds also use earbuds for at least an hour a day.

Cl-ear™ has produced an infographic detailing all the research which is freely downloadable from as a patient education tool and HCPs can also register to request free samples of the Cl-ear™ range.



Mr Neel Raithatha, Consultant Audiologist, The Wax Whisperer and health adviser to the Cl-ear™ brand says “Cl-ear ticks all the boxes from both a clinician and patient perspective – excellent products, superior spray format and one of the most comprehensive ranges for the management of earwax.  It’s also one of the only OTC brands with an ear relief product.”


¹ Source : Nielsen Total GB Coverage 12 m/e 11.3.23



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