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Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, is pleased to announce new updates to their leading clinical tympanometer, the GSI TympStar Pro™. New updates include hardware changes that make the device faster, a higher resolution screen and WideBand tympanometry testing capabilities.

The WideBand tympanometry test provides an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the status of the middle ear in a single sweep and in the same amount of time it takes to complete a traditional 226 Hz tympanogram.

WideBand Tympanometry

  • Generates a wideband average tympanogram over a range of frequencies
  • Includes wideband absorbance graph
  • Automatically provides tympanograms for 226, 678, 800 and 1000 Hz

Middle Ear Absorbance Normative Data

  • Includes norms for infants, children, adolescents and adults
  • Includes norms for ambient and peak measurements

Using the wideband click stimulus, a single pressure sweep yields tympanograms at multiple frequencies, a wideband average tympanogram and middle ear wideband absorbance test results.

“GSI’s WideBand tympanometry, when used with infants, allows the audiologist to simultaneously obtain tympanograms at multiple frequencies, including 226 Hz and 1000 Hz. This provides the audiologist the diagnostic data that ensures accurate test interpretation.”

-Karen Morris, MS, CCC-A Product Manager GSI


Results include an absorbance graph, which shows how much sound is absorbed by the middle ear from low to high frequency. The absorbance pattern in an ear with normal middle ear function differs considerably from ears with middle ear pathology. Example absorbance graphs for common middle ear disorders are included.



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