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Why consider reflux in ENT?

Untreated reflux can cause inflammation, scarring, narrowing and precancerous changes in the oesophagus and larynx, and may increase the risk of asthma and sleep apnoea. This creates a significant disease burden over the long term that puts a strain on the healthcare system, highlighting the need for a reliable and accurate diagnostic reflux test that will support confident clinical decision making and effective treatment.

What is Peptest?

The pepsin enzyme is a highly predictive marker of reflux disease when found outside the stomach.Peptest is a quantitative lateral flow test that detects pepsin in clinical samples of the upper gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts to support the accurate diagnosis of reflux near the point of care. It also indicates disease severity, and so can be used by healthcare professionals to aid the monitoring of therapy efficacy.

What are the benefits for patients and healthcare services?

Peptest is non-invasive, straightforward and cost effective, and yields results in only 20 minutes, streamlining diagnostic triage and supporting rapid diagnosis near the point of care. The test has a sensitivity of 95 per cent, a specificity of 89 per cent, and a pepsin detection limit of 16 ng/ml, helping clinicians to pinpoint the cause of complex symptoms when traditional tests are inconclusive.



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