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Sensonics’ range of products provides the medical, scientific and industrial communities with reliable smell and taste tests for assessing chemosensory function. The tests are used to accurately assess smell and taste function and perform exacting scientific taste and smell studies with ease.

The Smell Identification Test is the most reliable (test-retest r=0.94) and accurate olfactory test available and provides an absolute index of smell function (anosmia; mild, moderate or severe microsmia; normosmia).

The Snap & Sniff Odor Threshold Test provides a rapid and accurate assessment of the human odour detection threshold.

The Electrogustometer SI-03 provides an easy and rapid means for assessing taste function without the mess of chemical taste solutions. Discrete stimulus pulses can be presented ranging from 0.5 seconds to two seconds at currents ranging from -30 dB (.25 μA) to 35 dB (450 μA) in 12 total steps.



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