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Working together with the Estates Department of The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, QuietStar was recently appointed to refurbish, update and recommission two existing, but non-compliant modular audiology test rooms for the Outpatients Audiology Department with Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Following a detailed site survey and design review with the Trust, the two existing test rooms were completely stripped back to basics, with the interior finishes, door handles, door seals, lighting & electrical services all being removed and disposed of. The two test rooms were then thoroughly cleaned and prepared to accept the installation of new ISO-compliant components and internal room finishes, including anti-static carpet tiles, MDF skirting, Cara wall fabrics complete with absorption and new suspended mineral-tiled acoustic ceilings. In addition to these works, the loose door handles were attended to and repaired and new acoustic door seals were fitted to each of the ‘back to back’ acoustic door-sets.

The refurbishment project was completed within four weeks and split into two phases, working in one room at a time, enabling the staff to continue to offer a level of service, using the second room whilst the works were being carried out within the first and then vice-versa.

These rooms are now fully compliant and contain all new, energy-efficient electrical services, including dado-height electrical trunking, power sockets, recessed LED lighting, emergency lighting, data, nurse calls and smoke/fire detection.

The photos show the larger of the two rooms, both before and after the refurbishment works.

For more details about this project or to enquire about updating and improving existing facilities:



Jason Saunders, Director
+44 (0)1252 674327

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