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Sanibel Supply has partnered with EARWAYS Medical for global distribution of EarWay Pro, a safe, efficient, and simple tool for cerumen removal. Listed with the FDA and CE Marks, the clinically tested device offers a new way for certified health care professionals, including ENTs, audiologists, general practitioners, and nurses, to remove cerumen. Screening, diagnostic tests, and on-the-spot fitting of hearing aids are made possible right away with Ear Way Pro. 

Jakob Skovgaard, Business Unit Manager of Sanibel Supply A/S, said, “The great results of the actual earwax removal procedure, combined with its safe and easy use, the tool has already resulted in quite the interest from the industry all over the world.”  The collaboration with Sanibel Supply's online platforms in the EU and USA, provides health care professionals with accessibility to EARWAYS Medical's product globally, backed by fast worldwide delivery, said Amir Kraitzer, the founder and CTO of EARWAYS Medical. “The synergies between EARWAYS’ product portfolio and Sanibel Supply's platform and customer base will improve the pathway to audiology and provide better ear care,” he said.



EarWay Pro is available via Sanibel Supply


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