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In a groundbreaking development, AirDrate®, a UK start-up, has unveiled a revolutionary solution to help alleviate the agony of Airplane Ear, an affliction affecting a staggering 1.56 billion airline passengers globally.



Many hearing healthcare professionals will have seen clients complaining of symptoms of pain and deafness due to Otic Barotrauma, dubbed by sufferers as Airplane Ear. Preventatives such as the Valsalva Manoeuvre have proven ineffective for individuals whose Eustachian Tubes fail to function optimally.

AirDrate's® research discovered that the dry cabin atmosphere dehydrates the Tympanic Membrane, rendering it rigid and therefore vulnerable to damage from pressure changes. Development followed of AirDrate® Rehydrating Ear Plugs, a deceptively simple single-use solution, engineered to restore hydration and registered with the MHRA.

Simply placed in the ears 40 minutes before landing AirDrate® guarantees to prevent Airplane Ear, returning normality to air travel for sufferers.




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