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Dr Aishan Patil.


A company providing one-on-one mentoring and careers guidance has been set up by practicing NHS surgeons in the UK. Catering to surgical trainees, Vitaspark also offers advice on dealing with burnout, stress and financial planning.



Ms Danielle Britton.


It has been created by Aishan Patil, a Scottish surgical specialist registrar, assisted by his colleague Soorya Siva, orthopaedic specialist registrar. Although Vitaspark helps aspiring surgeons find short-term locum work to gain departmental and operative experience, it is not a conventional surgical recruitment company.

It also offers international trainees services including examination preparation tips and advice on biodata and interviews. Drawing on the expertise of a panel of young surgeons, it is creating a digital platform for examinees to team up with colleagues and study together. They will also be able to discuss areas of difficulty with an appropriate mentor.

The company is liaising with training academies and institutions to let its clients know about the best opportunities available in the UK and further afield. It is also reaching out to like-minded educational and career-counselling firms in several countries to establish tie-ups.

Vitaspark is a friendly, approachable, hands-on brand that believes in looking after its customers. In doing so, it is fortunate to have an experienced set of honorary advisers, who are established leaders in their fields.

Charges are reasonable and the team aims to provide value for money.

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