Meet the Johns Hopkins team developing a 3D-printed device allowing COVID-19 patients to share ventilators

    Amid a shortage of ventilators, the team of engineers and clinicians came together to create an open-source ventilator splitter that hospitals and communities can produce. CLICK HERE

Coronavirus: Ventilator built by Airbus and F1 approved

  Image courtesy of BBC   The first new medical ventilator to treat people with severe symptoms of Covid-19 has been approved in the UK. CLICK HERE

Easter Weekend sees the start of Innovia Face Visor production

Innovia Medical Group has announced that production of its Innovia Face Visor is now underway.

Coronavirus: Raspberry Pi-powered ventilator to be tested in Colombia

  A team in Colombia is to test a ventilator made with a Raspberry Pi computer and easy-to-source parts. CLICK HERE

UPDATED: Modified snorkelling mask for surgery

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Crowdfunder page for Covid airway screens surpasses original target in first six hours

Having launched our @crowdfunderuk appeal yesterday, we rapidly surpassed our target - thank you so much to all the donors. Testing of prototypes went well today. After modifications, we'll make more Covid airway screens. - CLICK HERE 

First HN case with respirator

Not heavy, reasonably comfy, claustrophobic, communication difficult; need to be vocal and clear. Allows loupes/ headlights. Protrudes & can desterilise field. Transoral laser microsurgery will be a challenge. - CLICK HERE

ENT UK Synopsis of PPE survey results for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key findings from 258 ENT Surgeons throughout the UK (survey period 23-30 March 2020) which highlight the significant gaps in protection for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. - PLEASE CLICK ON THE GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON

UCL, UCLH and Formula One develop life-saving breathing aids for the NHS

A breathing aid that can help keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care, adapted by mechanical engineers at UCL and clinicians at UCLH working with Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (Mercedes-AMG HPP), has been approved for use in the NHS. For...

Tribute to Mr Amged El-Hawrani

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of NHS ENT Specialist, Mr Amged El-Hawrani, this week. Mr El-Hawrani, an ENT Consultant at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, passed away in Glenfield Hospital in Leicester on Saturday...

Covid-19 A message from Gareth Smith

Whilst our ENT colleagues have scrambled to the coronavirus ‘call to arms’ and taken the ultimate risk, for many audiologists and audiology services the threat of this global virus presents some different challenges. Whilst social isolation is a scary thought...

COVID-19 ENT Useful Resources

Below is a list of useful resources connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will be updated as and when more become available. 1 June - BLA & ENT UK Guidelines (endorsed by RCSLT) : A graduated return to elective...