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Prof Dr Wytske Fokkens, MD, PhD,  
General Secretary ERS; Professor, Dept of Otorhinolaryngology, Amsterdam University Medical Centres, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This issue of ENT & Audiology News centres around the ERS Congress taking place in Sofia in June this year. We will be delighted to have you all in Sofia, the beautiful capital of Bulgaria.

In 2021, we were extremely happy to be one of the first societies able to host a live congress again. The hybrid congress in Thessaloniki welcomed more than 1500 participants, of which more than 1000 were on site, and brought us excellent science, wonderful news and happy encounters with all our friends whom we had not seen for two to three years. Unfortunately, friends from some parts of the world were still not able to join us. But now in 2023, that will be different and we look forward welcoming all of you from wherever you live in the world, to exchange scientific ideas and discuss all the latest news and experiences, as well life events, work gossip, and all the other things that make a live congress so much more than just a meeting.

For March/April 2023, we asked our plenary speakers to give you a short preview of what you can expect from their presentations. There are three excellent plenary speakers: on Monday, Dr Alexander Simidchiev* will discuss the effects of air pollution and climate change on the airways; on Tuesday, Prof Gil Siegal talks about ethical dilemmas in rhinological practice; and on Wednesday, Prof Peter John Wormald speaks about the past, present and future of treating CRS. Apart from these plenary lectures, we will have a full scientific programme with symposia, round tables, instructional courses and debates – the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee, Prof Paolo Castlenuovo, provides an overview what we can look forward to. Last but not least, we hope that many of you will be there to enjoy each other’s company and exchange great ideas – all the things that makes a face-to-face congress so important. With this is mind, ERS President Elect Prof Dilyana Vicheva discusses what the ERS meeting, and rhinology in general, mean to her, and shares some interesting facts about Bulgaria.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Sofia!


* Prof Todor (Ted) A Popov will be taking the place of Dr Alexander Simidchiev as the first plenary speaker.





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