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Mr John S Phillips,
Consultant ENT Surgeon,
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust, UK.



In 2018, I compiled a book with the title Landmark Papers in Otolaryngology. The book was inspired by the ENT department journal club that regularly took place in a local Norwich pub, and it discusses 99 of the most cited papers in the ENT and audiology literature.

The objective for each chapter is to summarise the methodology and findings of the original papers, and then to discuss how these papers should inform current practice, and to consider where gaps in our knowledge should be filled by carefully planned research.

The journal club attracted all grades of doctor, from medical student to consultant, and encouraged the involvement of allied professionals, such as specialist nurses, audiologists, and hearing therapists. I would like to believe that the inspired discussions that took place were the main reason for attendance, but the medical profession is often easily influenced by the offer of a free round of drinks. Whilst the opportunity to formally meet in the Red Lion pub has been temporarily put on hold during the pandemic, plans to restart our meetings are underway.

By way of some inspiration to dig up the original, classic publications that have defined the modern-day practice of ENT and audiology, I have invited some of our colleagues from the UK and abroad to present their appraisal of four of the most popular papers from the book.


Phillips JS & Erskine SE (Eds.).
Landmark Paper in Otolaryngology.
Oxford University Press; 2018.


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John S Phillips

FRCS(ORL-HNS), Ear, Nose and Throat Department, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Foundation Trust, Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

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